Goodbye to dull, tired, dry puffy face and hello to plump, firm, well rested and glowing new-fresh face and trimmer waist.

After the excess of the festive season, central heating and bracing winter walks, my face is dry and blotchy, and my eye area is not even ‘puffy’ but bloated. The promise of younger looking skin that is glowing with health and appears well-rested, plump and fresh is very, very appealing.

I have the patience of a gnat! I cannot sit still and whenever I have a facial, I read through the description thoroughly, so I can gauge where the facialist is up to in the treatment and how long I have left, before it finishes (awful isn’t it?!)

This branch of LondonCryo is in Artillery Lane, a quiet side street away from the hustle and bustle of Liverpool Street Station. As I enter, a feeling of calm washes over me. The place is clinical, but not overtly so and is also relaxing. After filling in a short form, I am shown into a room and asked to lay down on a massage bed, which is surprisingly comfortable. My therapist has a manner that is firm, yet soothing and I know from this, that results are within my grasp!

Cryotherapy, sometimes known as cold therapy, is the use of low temperatures in medical and cosmetic therapy.

A cold gel is applied over one side of my face and this is followed by deep massage with a smooth, yet very cold surface (the complete opposite of a hot stone massage) that is pressed into the crevices of face and very gently over my lips and eye area.


After 15 minutes, I am given a mirror to view the results. To be honest, I was slightly sceptical as the promise of all of the above sounded too good to be true. Yet I could see within 15 minutes, the results and they were outstanding. My skin was no longer a puffy and pallid, but delightfully plump and pink!

A CryoSkin facial uses cool temperatures to revitalise the skin and the low temperature leads to an increase in collagen production. The cold temperature causes the facial muscles to retract which has a tightening effect on my face, leading to a highly noticeable effect on my skins overall appearance and I genuinely look brighter and at least five years’ younger.


To say I am thrilled with the instant results is an understatement. Even my eyes have been de-bagged, and the skin below is no longer an unflattering shade of grey!

Following the facial I then try a CryoSlimming treatment. After the overindulgence of the festive season, my therapist takes my waist measurement and applies a cold gel to an area of my stomach. This area is then massaged very deeply and with a strong pressure with the same equipment that was used on my face. The temperature applied to my stomach was much, much colder and as the treatment progressed, areas of my stomach felt numb. This process is simply known as fat freezing and the cold temperature causes the natural death of the subcutaneous fat cells-hurrah!

After 30 minutes, my waist was re-measured and a loss of ½ a centimetre was recorded. Again, super speedy results. I was told that it is likely that I would feel thirsty. Prior to both treatments I was informed not to consume any sugar or carbohydrates for two hours and I was instructed to follow this post treatment, but for three hours. Which I diligently did. I did feel thirsty and drank plenty of water. The destroyed fat cells pass through naturally the body via its lymphatic system. Over the course of a week, not only did I feel much lighter, the total amount lost around my waist was a very impressive 2 cm.

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